Disney Pixar Movie Analysis

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Top 10 Countdown: Disney-Pixar Flicks What started as a third of the Computer Graphics Division of Lucasfilms in 1979 has today become arguably the most successful computer animation studio in the world and has produced some of the most iconic animated films of all time. The creative geniuses at Disney-Pixar have over the last two decades bestowed upon us fifteen CGI (Computer Generated Imagery)-animated feature films which have not only set a qualitative industry standard but have also collectively bagged a whooping seven Academy Awards in the Best Animated feature film category since the conception of this category in 2001, leaving DreamWorks Animation (perhaps Pixar’s closest rival) behind by a wide margin. The recent release of Disney-Pixar’s…show more content…
Admittedly there is no point playing logic police with Pixar films, but even so this world seemed rather juvenile upon subsequent viewings. Owen Wilson delivers a fine voice-over for McQueen’s character and his energy is palpable. However, I thought that the love-angle was contrived and unnecessary. Don’t get me wrong Pixar has delivered some memorable love stories and who doesn’t like romantic interludes to spice up a story, but this one seemed incongruous with the plot. Also, character development seemed rather superficial; perhaps Pixar deliberately targeted Cars as a film kids could enjoy and not one which could transgress age barriers. On the whole this is an entertaining film. The CGI effects are incredible as usual making the film very appealing visually, but when pitted against some of the other Pixar classics, Cars doesn’t shine through for me. 8. Toy Story (1995) Animation as visual medium of story-telling has always been compelling to me. Today, animation is no longer exclusively for kids, perhaps it never really was. With studios such as Pixar and DreamWorks, this genre has taken giant strides over the years, crushing age barriers. Pixar has, with the exception of a few odd films here and there, delivered consistently entertaining yet thought proving films making it the best brand in world for family oriented cinema. Whether you are eight or 80 these films will leave you with a smile on your face and a warm feeling in your
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