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Adventure “Adventure is out there!” is from the Disney Pixar’s movie entitled, Up. This movie, along with many other things, such as journey books and action music, show the definition of adventure in their own ways. From bigger adventures like climbing a mountain or bungee jumping, to smaller things like moving into a new house or state. Adventure is when someone engages in a spontaneous and sometimes risky movement, most likely in an unknown territory. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, adventure is “an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks.” In the Disney Pixar movie Up, an elderly man decides to fulfill his childhood dream, after his wife dies, and go to Paradise Falls. He ties thousands of balloons to the roof of his…show more content…
The older man and young boy encounter many other characters along the way. Including an eight foot bird that makes their trip extremely thrilling and exciting. While in the mysterious South American forests, the old man realizes that the best adventures are the spontaneous ones. One of the most iconic theme songs of all time is from the movie Indiana Jones. The theme song, titled The Raiders March, is full of the feeling of bravery, courage, and even adventure. This song, even though the viewers may or may not realize it, is played throughout the whole movie when Indiana Jones is shown saving the day. Even people who have not seen this movie, will hear this song and instantly know what it was from. The movie’s plot, as a whole, is about taking risks left and right all in order to be the hero in the end. Indiana Jones saves the day each time that he is faced with a danger. Taking risks in order to be adventurous has been tied to a hormone that is released when there is a stress factor involved in a certain activity. This chemical is called adrenaline and for some people, it can be addicting. These people are commonly known as adrenaline
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