Disney Princess Mulan

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Mulan is the 8th Disney princess, she was the first that is not royalty by birth or marriage.
Mulan was a failure as a women but because successful in life as a male.
She was the first of the Disney princesses to shed the typical “Disney princess” gender role look that had been maintain in most Disney movies.
Mulan takes charge of her own life risking everything for her father.
Emphasizes that not every female is driven by finding a prince to make them happy.
Women can do manly things sometimes better than men themselves.
She proves she is as a valuable asset just like any man.
During the beginning she struggles with male-oriented tasks she is forced to do because they are more physically challenging to women in general, but she proves the
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The main protagonist, Shan Yu, and his army begin to invade China. The emperor sends China’s army to protect it. While this is taking place, Mulan is being dressed up like a doll and slathered in make-up, so that a match maker can set her up with a man. This does not end well for Mulan, who feels like a total failure by being unable to complete what is consider to be feminine tasks.
2. Then men in the village are drafted into the Emperor’s Army and Mulan decides she will go for her father, which means she has to make everyone believe she is a man in order to be drafted. Mulan’s ancestors are watching and send Mushu, her dragon/chimera guardian. Mushu helps craft Mulan into a man, because he does not believe she could pass for one without his help. When she gets to the army campsite she still has trouble fitting in with the guys, and it seems the other men do not like her that much either. She refuses to believe her gender will be a hindrance to her efforts to be strong. During training, she definitely fells this as the pain of carrying weights gets so hard that Shang carries them himself. Next they train to climb a pole with the weights, but no one seems to do well. Then one day Mulan achieved it when no one thought she could, and she inspired the others to work
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