Disney Princesss: Loyalty Or Purchasing Personalities?

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What defines a princess expensive clothes? Fancy parties? Castles? Tiaras? It might seem like that at first, but look closer… You don’t have to be royalty to be a princess, you just have to be yourself it starts with a state of mind and an open heart; after all, everyone knows that what is truly important is on the inside.
There is a Disney princess inside all of us, you just have to find her.
For instance, one princess you can certainly look up to is Jasmine. She is honest, witty, and has a generous heart….
Or you can admire a princess like Belle who is known for being sensitive and intuitive. She has a keen mind and a love for reading with a warm heart that allows her to look past the appearance of others to find love in one others considered to be a beast.
Then there’s princess Tiana who is determined to fulfil her dreams of opening up a family restaurant. She knows how to value and work for everything she has and have fun. She has a great sense of humor, which lands her
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She’s bubbly, cheerful, loves chocolate and passionate about the people she loves!
...and there is so much out there for us to discover… we have a perfect role model in Princess Ariel..she’s a daydreamer, who loves exploring and has a thirst for a life in a better world which leads her on her adventure to find love in a world where they dance with legs and swim without tails.
Being a princess also means being kind to others no matter how different they seem...something princess Elsa understands. Because of her powerful gift… she becomes outcasted and labeled as a monster ...however she is graceful, elegant, and finally peaceful when she reveals the real beauty that she is and once again befriends her kingdom showing them she has the heart of a

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