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Tokyo Disney Resort Analysis I. General Background: Tokyo Disney Resort is one of the most popular theme park – resort combination of Japan located in Urayasu, Chiba – the east of Tokyo. This resort is based on the famous Disneyland by The Walt Disney Company, and is operated and owned by Oriental Land Company. Mentioning geographical advantages, it is easily accessed from Kanto Region by bus, train or private car: the resort is just outside the Tokyo metropolitan borders, it takes 15 minutes from the JR Maihama Station (the station next to the resort) to Tokyo Station. There are plentiful ways to access to the theme park and connect the park with the hotels by public transportation. For example, there are direct buses from Haneda Airport…show more content…
However, with organizations, the power is middle-low because they can choose other resorts to hold their events; also, for families, the power is medium because if they love theme park, they can also go to other places around Japan; therefore, sometimes the theme park needs to discount or to offer packing tours to attract customers. Along with that analysis, threat of substitutes is supposed to be low with the loyal Disney fan and middle high with organizations, medium with the…show more content…
Uniqueness and competitive advantage: Disney resort in Tokyo has competitive advantage with Disney resort in Florida by the facilities and the building of Disney resorts and hotels since Tokyo Disney Resort has often renovated not only the concept, but also the facilities in the room for the regular customers to enjoy. Also, Tokyo Disney Resort has better transportation service: they have direct trains and buses from airport but also from Shinjuku station, Shibuya station and Tokyo station which takes 15 minute by train to Maihama station. Moreover, Tokyo Disney resort has several unique features compared to Florida Disney world. At first, Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea have original rides, which cannot be found in Florida Disneyland and also other Disney parks. For example, “20000 miles leagues under the sea” located in DisneySea can only be found in DisneySea; or there is Pooh‘s Honey Hunt, which also appears in the American but with different points, in Disneyland. Secondly, Tokyo Disneyland has few differences from Disney world in Florida such as using glass canopy. Glass canopy is a roof made of transparent glass to prevent rain, snows, and also the cancellation of shows and parades (which will be held outdoors). Thirdly, Disney world is normally known to be for kids; however, in Japan, the parks are for all ages. Teenagers and twenties-aged people go to Disneyland and Sea to celebrate anniversary or graduation, even some high school trips have been held in Disneyland.
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