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Disney: SWOT analysis and current situation 2014 year was a quite successful for the Walt Disney Company not only its shares reached the highest prices , but the company went through unambiguous cross-platform triumph with its Frozen franchise, spurred enthusiasm for the coming sequels to the original Star Wars trilogy, and waiting for the opening of the new Shanghai Disney Resort. Moreover, the media corporation continues to implement at the highest level, in spite of confronting pressure in its film and broadcasting holdings. In this part of we are taking a brief look at a current situation at Disney’s business and performing a SWOT analysis of the company, estimating its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Disney creates,…show more content…
Disney has has recently made moves into the digital space, thanks to mergers and acquisitions as well as making ABC, ABC Family, and Disney Channel programs available online, but still needs to invest more capital for greater changes. Still live sports and election coverage drive high ratings, finally company will need to pay for what will likely be stationary growth in the Media Networks unit, its largest operating segment. High costs of doing business Because live sports pilot viewership and, accordingly, ad revenues, Disney invest a lot of money in purchasing the broadcasting rights for some sports. Its television contract with National Basketball Association (NBA) was recently prolonged by 9 years and $24 billion. Moreover, if a new Disney product is not successful, company loose huge amount of money, for example, the company incurred a $200 million dollar loss for the poorly marketed John Carter in 2012. Opportunities…show more content…
Disney has done some waves last year, it bought Maker Studios, an online network of comedians, performers, and educators, for $500 million. Not only the move will improve creation of online content, but also gives Disney a recognized built-in distribution model. Nevertheless, still, company’s management has admitted that more actions should be done to make Disney’s role online stronger. In conclusion, Disney’s ability to create, market, and profit from its intellectual property is supported by a century of widely embraced characters and worldwide famous franchises. . Recent success through its acquired brands (Marvel, Lucasfilm) will only make stronger many of its segments for a long time, however, weakness in domestic movie attendance and the movement in consumer preference shifting towards streaming platforms may endanger Disney’s footholds in traditional media distribution. To sum up, it is believed that company’s strengths and growth opportunities far outweigh the threats it faces. So, while Disney is a financially assured, its position is going to be positive for a long

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