Disney Utilitarianism Essay

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While these numbers only detail the accessibility of one theme park giant, the results cannot be ignored. Disney dominates the industry, and is considered a leader in theme park innovation and guest happiness. Out of the 10 most visited theme parks in America, Disney occupies 6 of the spots, with Universal Studios taking up another 3 [9]. As of 2006, Disney’s Magic Kingdom was the 3rd most visited tourist attraction in the world [10]. Because of their overwhelming popularity and influence, the Disney and Universal theme park chains are the focus of most of this research. There are a handful of amusement parks that are built to be more accessible to guests with disabilities, but their attendance numbers pale in comparison to these entertainment giants. Disney and Universal theme parks may not be the most accessible, but they are certainly the most accessed. However, success does not mean that these parks are infallible. Their high attendance rates only amplify the need for good engineering practices, though it is not always clear what constitutes ethical design. The first fundamental canon of the ASME code of ethics is…show more content…
The objective of a utilitarian is to achieve the greatest amount of good through an action. An act that creates more happiness than its alternatives is the correct act. Moreover, the utilitarian philosophy is not limited only to the present date. All future happiness must also be considered. This makes the utilitarian theory an ideal philosophy for analyzing accessible designs. A cost-benefit analysis may conclude that it is better to forgo accessibility for guests that cannot transfer. However, the benefit is limited to the period immediately after construction. Once the cost of the attraction is paid off, it is no longer the optimum solution. The long-term happiness that results from the initial investment in an accessible design outweighs the monetary

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