Disney World: A Place That Changed My Life

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There is one place on earth that can make people smile, and make dreams come true. It all started with Walt Disney trying to promote himself, and it ended up being such a big success. He wanted to make his cartoons and movies more famous around the world. He wanted to make a place that you can go to get away from all the chaos and trouble in your life. A place where you can have fun but still relax at the same time. If you still don't know what I am talking about, it is Disney World. Disney World is the place that has changed my life the most, since I can explore, have fun and relax, and spend time with friends and family. First of all, you can go there to have fun and relax. You can have fun on the rides and roller coasters that they have there. Honestly, my favorite roller coaster there is Expedition Everest. There are so many rides and roller coasters that you can go on with people of all ages. You can also relax in the spas that they have. There are spas in almost every Disney resort and many people go there just to relax and get away from all of the chaos. You can have fun and relax with all of your friends and family or just by yourself. There are many things there that can make you have a blast or make you cool down.…show more content…
You can go and explore new things that you have never seen. There put new things in Disney all the time, and now you can see the things that you have never seen. Epcot always has new things coming out. There are so many countries that people love and there will probably be many more in the future. There will be a Frozen, Norway soon in 2016, and I think that many people will go explore things there, since it will be such a new attraction. You can also see the fireworks show that they have every night in the Magic Kingdom. It is so pretty and will for sure make you want to go back for
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