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Disney is the most magical place ever. If I could visit anywhere in the world, it would be Disney World. I would visit Disney for the family memories, the amazing activities, and the amazing food. I would visit Disney for the family memories. You spend quality time with your family when you are there. You get to laugh and have and exciting time as well. You also get pictures taken by photographers, and they make you do humorous photos as well. They also make you pretend there is something in our hand and they will edit the photo too. My Grandma Deane goes every year in our heart. We go in honor of her memory. Also Disney has thrilling activities. You can watch the fireworks on the balcony and see them burst color into the sky. You get to go to all of their parks like Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot to ride all of their rides and shop at the store. One of my favorite rides in Animal Kingdom is Expedition Everest. It has the yeti and where he broke the train tracks and we had to go backwards and the yeti roars. Also there is the Hollywood Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios. It is and elevator that will go up and then drop. When they take my picture I am holding on to my dad and my face is so weird. At the hotel they have a pool to swim in too. The…show more content…
They have this great place to buy these tasty burgers with a lot of toppings. They also have a great Irish restaurant to get scrumptious Irish food. At the Irish restaurant, they have Irish dancers that dance on stage while you eat. There is also a place called Be our Guest Restaurant where you can order French cuisine. Also you get to meet Belle and the Beast and they will sign your autograph book too. When I saw the Beast and got my picture taken with him he patted my stuffed animal Beast, which I loved. The best food though is the ice cream. They give me more than my family because I am allergic, which I love by the

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