Disneyland: A Strong Culture Organization

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QUESTION 3 3.1 Disneyland is a “strong culture” organisation. The organisation – and the employees themselves – produce and reproduce the culture. Discuss five examples of how culture forms at Disneyworld and how the organisation maintains it. (10) According to the Disney Institute (2015) the processes of “employee selection, training, care, and communication are crucial to creating and nurturing a culture of excellence”. These processes therefore form the basis on which Disneyland produce and reproduce their unique organisational culture. Disneyland employees are carefully chosen according to very specific attributes, then trained and further moulded “through a process carefully set up to strip away the job relevance of other sources of identity and learned response and replaced with others or organisational relevance” to comply with Disneyland’s behavioural standards (Van Maanen, 1991:M10-22). Disneyland further focus on “ensuring that the people taken into service support their culture” and do this by engaging in a very stringent selection process, as mentioned before (Disney Institute, 2015), and so the process promises that employees are selected in order to create the culture required by the organisation. Van Maanen (1991: M10-22) describes the work culture of Disneyland as “one that leaves little room for individual experimentation” as everything has been researched, planned, designed, implemented and maintained with the end goal in mind for an organisation

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