Narrative Essay On Disneyland Disaster

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Disneyland Disaster Right when we stepped through the gates of Disneyland we could see the glittering lights of the parade as we ran towards it. “Wait, you can 't just run off like that!” Kaley’s mom told us. “ Ok,” we answered. “ I know you girls are excited that it’s Kaley’s 6th birthday, but you need to calm down,” Kaley’s mom told us kindly. “Ok, we will calm down.” we growed. As we walked through Disneyland I could almost taste the amazing smells drifting through the air. Later that day we watched a beautiful show called the World of Color, it featured many Disney characters in the water. Right after the show we went to meet the princesses. When we walked in we got many warm welcomings from all the princesses. Each time we took a picture with a different Disney…show more content…
She was about five years old, and she was wearing a purple Rapunzel dress like Kaley’s. “It’s going to be ok.” Kaley’s mom reassured her trying not to panic. We stood there for about two mins thinking what we should do. It was really hard to do that when there is a little girl crying in you ear, a fireworks show going on, and trying not to panic. We finally decided to take her to the main gate. As we were walking over there was a lady talking to the security about a lost girl. The little Rapunzel girl seemed to realize that was her mom talking to the security, and they both leaped with joy to see each other. “We finished our work here,” Kaley’s mom told us. Just before we left Kaley wanted to ride one more ride. She picked the ride that looked fun for little kids, but we were wrong. She pointed to a ride called splash mountain. We waited in line for about 30 mins. When we got on the ride we realized that we are on a older kid ride. From there it was just straight screaming. At the end of the ride we went to the hotel and ate dinner and talked about all the things that

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