Disneyland Hotel Innovations

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Innovations are commonly defined as the introduction of new products or new methods of undertaking the routine functions within an organization. They provide a way through which organizations are able to maintain efficiency and competitiveness within an industry. Within the hospitality industry, the level of innovation remains a key aspect that can ensure sustainability of the business ventures that an establishment engages in. innovation therefore becomes immensely important within the industry as a way of enhancing competitiveness of hotels. This report explores the innovation practices within the Hong Kong Disneyland hotel to determine the level of innovation as well as identify the potential innovations that can further improve the hotel…show more content…
The establishment is rated as a five star hotel based on the services that it provides to its patrons. The hotel as well as the other structures making the resort are all constructed using Feng Shui design that makes them unique. This design is a Chinese native design that has been utilized in harmonizing the environment within which the hotel has been constructed. The structures and the buildings making up the hotel have adopted a Victorian theme in their design. This makes the appearance of the hotel to seem unique and different from many of the other neighboring establishments as it draws inspiration from a mixture of other Disneyland hotels in different places around the…show more content…
These features have been presented through the theme of the hotel as well as the nature of the operations that are run by the company owning the hotel. This report presents a review of the innovations that have been undertaken by the establishment to create services and products that are unique within the market. The report contains an assessment of the innovations that are contained within the hotel. Assessment of these innovation remains critical in seeking to understand how the hotel has created a unique niche for itself within a competitive market through innovations. Such innovation can also be applied within other establishments in the hospitality industry in order to provide a unique market for the organization operating within the industry.
The report presents analysis of the organization from the perspective of reviewing the innovations as well as making recommendations for future innovations. Despite the innovations present within the hotel future innovations must be considered in seeking to make the hotel endure the competition that exists within the industry and that could emanate from the aspect of copying the innovations by competitor

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