Disneyland Marketing Advantage

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Disneyland, every kid must have heard about this place before. This is the place where most children would like to go. However, Malaysians have fewer opportunities to go to Disneyland since the problem of location. Disneyland is located in Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Orlando and Anaheim. It is a little bit hard for Malaysians to go those places. Now, the world 's most popular amusement park---Disneyland will launch in Malaysia. How can Disneyland stay successful and win most of the audience year by year, it can be seen based on its marketing mix, 7Ps? What types of products can be found in Disneyland? Many people say food and beverage, souvenir, clothes or jewelry. Yet, these are not all of Disneyland products. Actually, Disneyland mainly provides services for people who come to have fun and enjoy their time. Disneyland offers services for everyone. Disney product is different from other competitors like Legoland and Universal Studios, customers able to recognize the Disney 's products and it gives people deep impression in their mind and makes more people feel special about Disneyland. Everyone who has been Disneyland before should not be forgotten. Disneyland is a place for everyone who must visit once in their lifetime. (Walter E. Disney, 2006).Those are the reason why Disneyland success over the world. The entrance price of Disneyland is a fair amount. It has a special discount for students, kids, and elders. For adults, the price will be RM200. For kids

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