Disneyland Paris Case Study

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Disneyland is a well-known American theme park and animation production company which is loved by people from all over the world. It is a place of fairy tale and dream to people. The mission is to become the happiest place in the world for all ages of people. Disneyland expanded the theme park in identical style to Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong that means people can also dream in their land. However, it that easy for Disneyland to translate the same idea to other park internationally? The answer is not at all. Disneyland Resort Paris should be the best case to figure out the problem. Disney had not taken cultural difference between American and French into consideration so it faced a loss in the initial two years. First of all, in the planning process, they assumed that French like American are more likely to visit Disneyland on Friday based on the American vacation style and consumption…show more content…
Japanese are fond of enjoying foreign-like experience very much so that the management team considered keeping the American Disneyland as similar as possible in Japan and discouraging to adapt the Japanese culture. The management knows that the original cartoon characters are the most valuable things of Disney to Japanese. But for Disney in Paris, the situation is totally different. The attitude towards American culture of most of French was negative as they have strong nationalistic sentiment towards the French culture. This is the reason why they would not like to adapt the totally American style theme park in Paris. Also their employee training practices are unacceptable in Paris due to the view of invasive to people. But for Japanese employees, they are always willing to work as a part of the company so that they would accept the employee requirement of

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