How To Write A Narrative Essay On Disneyland

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Disneyland may be fun, but please, DON´T RUN!!! It was new year's day on a blazing hot day with absolutely no clouds in the bright blue sky. We were outside of Disneyland, outside of the Tiki room in line for ice cream. It as me, in an adorable Minnie Mouse T-shirt,with shorts. My sister Savannah in a yellow Tank top, with hot pink shorts. My cousin Teah who was wearing a blouse and shorts. My aunt Diane who was wearing a dress. My dad who was wearing, of course a 49 T-shirt, and his shorts, like always. My dadś girlfriend was wearing a peanut butter T-shirt and black leggings. A very nice lady who looked like was doing n a shopping spree, with 20 bags, at least it looked like it. Then the ER comes in. It all started when we were outside the Tiki room and we wanted some Ice cream, and a good spot to sit inside the Tiki room at Disneyland when… “Dad” my 14 year old sister proceeded, “this is taking forever, can’t we do something else, like go on a roller coaster?” “It is taking…show more content…
My poor cousin who was so sticky and had ice cream all over her cute blouse. The ER said that she was ok and nothing major happened. They gave her some baby wipes to wipe off her shirt, and it looked as brand as new once again. A nice lady who had what looked like 50 bags on the seat moved onto the ground with her other 20 bags (I am over exagerating by a lot, it probaly was only 10) and gave us part of the bench, meanwhile the ER brought teah a new ice cream and we ate it enjoying the show. I was amasing with singing birds and water fountain spraying cool tricks with the water. When the Tiki room show was over, we decided to go on our next ride California Skreamers. It was across the whole park and we wanted to get there quick. So Teah and I started running and playing having fun but then remembering what had just happened and started to walk along so did Teah. we now know that running may be fun until you hit the

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