Disney's Differences: Disney Vs. Pixar

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In the world of family-oriented and cartoon animation, there are no two companies more well known and loved such as Disney and Pixar. Both of these entertainment giants are responsible for a culture where animated characters and films are cherished and sought after. Although the movies produced by the two companies are fun and loving, they’ve also had great achievements in their industry. Disney and Pixar have partnered to have great successes such as Toy Story and Cars, while also experiencing high tension and conflict due to contractual disagreements. In 2005, Robert Iger was appointed the CEO of Disney. Since then, Robert Iger has been attempting to revive relations with Pixar in an attempt to reunite the two media and entertainment companies. While increased participation would undoubtedly bring benefits to both parties, the essential question for Disney is whether or not there is a greater business benefit to acquire Pixar as a whole, as opposed to merely cooperating together in future endeavors. History: Merging two companies together is never a straightforward or a simple task. Disney’s dilemma of whether or not to acquire Pixar is a difficult situation to assess. In order to correctly answer such a question, it is essential to consider both Disney’s and Pixar’s histories, strengths, and weaknesses. Disney started as the frontrunner in animated movies with titles such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King.

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