Case Study: Disney Introduces Demand-Based Pricing At Theme Parks

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1. Disney Introduces Demand-Based Pricing at Theme Parks Source: Barnes, B. (2016) [Disney has decided to make seasonal changes to ticket prices. The prices are raised during holidays and weekends as there is a high demand for tickets and the company will make an increased profit. The price of the tickets will vary at different theme parks.] A type of pricing strategy [On a general note, at the Disneyland located in California, regular tickets will be sold for $105 on weekends when more people will be visiting. This applies to the most popular Disney themes and rides. Discount prices apply to weekdays where less people will be visiting and could encourage more school trips. Peak tickets are sold for $95. The highest tickets sold are on…show more content…
Attractions dip toes into airline-style pricing Source: Clarke, S. (2012) [The price of admission depends on how far in advance the ticket is bought.] Airline used the following as their type of pricing strategy The further the tickets are bought from the date of departure the lesser the prices will be and vice versa. Slowly other theme parks such as Disney’s, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights started to use this technique for their special events as mentioned. Other technique pricing strategies have been used as well such as making the normal weekdays cheaper than weekends, or use seasonal pricing, as there is a high demand for tickets and this way the companies will spread out its customers across the year. Repetition of previous articles’ strategy Another technique is mentioned as well: customers buying multi-day pass tickets, which will result the customers into actually paying for less and saving money. Different theme parks use different pricing strategies, but are still slowing looking for a strategy, which is similar to the airline-style pricing. 5. Theme Park Development Costs: Initial Investment Cost Per First Year Attendee – A Historic Benchmarking

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