Disney's The Princess And The Frog: Breaking Racial Barriers In Animated Film

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Disney's The Princess and the Frog (2009) can be seen as a film breaking racial barriers in the animated film industry where many film spectators disregard the many misconceptions of voodoo presented. Tiana was a poor African American girl living in New Orleans in the 1920s and her dream one day was to open a restaurant, but she has no capital. Her plans are subverted when both the prince and Tiana is turned into frogs by an evil voodoo doctor. To revert the spell, Prince Naveen and Tiana goes on a journey to find Mama Odie, a voodoo queen. Eventually, they fall in love and is married, subsequently breaking the voodoo spell with a kiss. For Tiana to seek out the voodoo queen to break the spell suggests that people use voodoo rituals to benefit
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