Disobedience As A Major Cause Of Progress Essay

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To argue disobedience as a major cause of progress is completely foolish - if anything the hand of disorder only waved a minute part of history. It is man’s natural tendencies to see the world as a place that can easily contained and organized - yet as much as it 's hard to believe disorder is absolutely everywhere. Man’s natural biases is lead more on negativity to maintain a fluent pessimistic view of the everyday being resistant on change of the ideas. Discontentment and creating rebellions may bring light to a situation but those actions are not effective in creating progress.

Let’s begin by looking through history - often history is described as a cyclic events where the same issues are churned and repeated; And humans fall prey to that trap, not learning from the past, and repeating the same mistakes. Disobedience as a whole was ineffective and abysmally overrated. Let’s take empire s in general = if you spoke and rallied, congratulations, you’ve gotten yourself executed. We often look and celebrate the events where it seemed disobedience made a difference, such as the assassination of caesar, but first was there really any social and political change? Sure it was a dictatorship- but the only thing that
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Taking that, there was huge political chaos in France over the type of government; to at least strive away from an absolute monarchy. Huge rebellions went on to reform the monarchy for the sake of progress, and some of the greatest bloodbaths were from the instability of the radical people during the Reign of Terror. But in the end despite action they resumed back to have another King Louis in charge- even with the philosophy and the extent of violence by the people - due to the simplicity and familiarity of the monarchs no reforms were actually made; so disobedience failed in the eyes of
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