Disobedience In America Research Paper

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It has been known throughout history that in order to make changes for one's benefit, one needs to disobey the standards of living at that time. Disobedience is often misrepresented as a damaging action, but it is one's way to fight for their beliefs. Disobedience has benefited one or many while shaping our world into what has become today's society. Therefore, Wilde's claim on disobedience is valid to a great extent. One of the most important social changes in America started from disobeying the social norms. Once considered as property to having a equal identity as white Americans, African Americans largely grew there respect over a long period of time and with the help of some of the worldly known leaders such as MLK jr. and others…show more content…
High School girls are now beginning to look the opposite way of school rules. This rule may specifically be known as school dress codes. Not being able to express their own style, many girls feel restricted to wear school based outfits. One girl from Versailles, Kentucky was forced to be sent home because she was showing too much collarbone. These restrictions impact girls a certain way to make them disobey school rules. Incidents at my junior high school have occurred that included forcing a student to change into their gym uniform. In response, breaking dress codes have become the easier option to make girls feel more comfortable. Disobedience has a great extent of changing social views from a nation scale to a very small scale to accommodate one or mores belief. It is easy to misinterpret the concept of disobedience as just a threat to one or a nation. It may just simply mean that one is breaking the rules for the worse and creates social changes in a detrimental way. Even though there will always be actions of disobedience that purposely damage our history, it will not change the fact that it's essence shapes our society. Wilde's claim on disobedience has a great extent because many of the social changes we see today come from the first action of disobeying. Nothing will start unless one fights for their beliefs. Disobedience means to fight for your benefits and it does help bring social
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