Disobedience In Antigone: Unjust Law, And Civil Rights

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Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.” If Martin Luther King Jr. and countless others had not protested during the Civil Right movement there would still be segregation and inequality. Without a doubt, there are times when it is justifiable to break a law in a democratic society. If rights are being denied, if the majority feel it is an unjust law, or even if the minorities (being that they are experts on the subject) feel it is wrong as well. Despite the social contract, it’s a citizen’s responsibility to go against the government at times. Citizens have that right to protest against the government because there are basic rights that the government must provide for their citizens. The right to practice religion freely is one that most Americans might be familiar with. Oftentimes it is required to take part in one faith throughout a country. In the case of Antigone, Polynices had taken an army against Thebes, and in the eyes of King Creon he was a traitor. For that, he was not to be buried and given his last rites. The Ancient Greeks strongly believed in the power of the gods, and this was violating the law of the higher…show more content…
It comes down to ethics, and what will truly benefit the people while providing basic human rights. Although, especially in a democratic society, if it is the people being governed and feel the need to push for something then it is completely acceptable to try to get it accomplished, even if it is completely wrong. Henry David Thoreau wrote, “Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty.” A common, albeit cliché, example of civil disobedience having been necessary would be the American Revolution. Although rebellion to that extent is not usually necessary, if they had not rebelled they would not have been able to create that new government that provides its’ citizens with the rights they
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