Oscar Wilde's Essay: The Role Of Disobedience In Society

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Disobedience can be defined as failure or refusal to obey rules or someone in authority. Disobedience can also be defined as causing a disarray within society and causing a shift in social normals to more perfectly suit the conditions of a community at a given time, in the sense that it promotes the questions of poor social norms, and the change in our mortal standards and by the progressive though of one’s own mind. Oscar Wilde argues that it can allow society to progress and to allow science about different or certain topics to be broken or misplaced, and the way that it counter our social norms instead of disobedience leading to be a negative human and societal trait in our very way of life. He also argues about how disobedience can lead …show more content…

Shay’s Rebellions follow the Revolutionary war and how the US fell into a economic crisis, There were a lot of tension due to farmers losing their property to to debt collectors. In January 1787, him and his force were sent to a federal armory at Springfield but it failed due the artillery fire and how it lead to 4 people being killed and 20 people being wounded. Rebellion doesn’t always end up peaceful and it can also show no improvement at. Rebellions can drive people out and can lead to many other people dying for not cause at all and to be shown with no improvement in our social progress as a whole. In conclusion, Oscar argues that disobedience is a valuable human trait and that it promotes social progress and also how rebellion and disobedience can lead to positive changes in the economical and social viewpoint. It can help learn from history and help us expand our way of mind and people can learn a few new things from it also. It many lead down a pathway in which it improves lives as well our society for positive changes and help us unite with other people to fight what in we believe

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