Disobedience In The Civil Rights Movement

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Civil disobedience has been discerned in numerous time periods of American history. The definition of disobedience can be interpreted when one or a group prioritizes their conscience of their beliefs over the dictation of laws through rebellion. Notable historical events of slavery and independence has been marked with the disobedience of government laws. Even though the disobedience of societal laws can undermine the corruption of the government, disobedience has undeniably steer societal progress. A form of civil disobedience was the fight for independence of the colonies in the American Revolution. The American Revolution was a political turbulence during the period from 1765-1783. The colonists from North America wanted to break free from …show more content…

African Americans were suffering from the Jim Crows and grandfather clause that barred them from voting and equal access to public accommodations. Some notable historical events was the Montgomery Bus boycott and the Greensboro sit-ins. The Montgomery Bus boycotts occurred after the arrest of Rosa Parks after she sat in the white section of the bus. This incident has received national attention for the persistent of Rosa Parks to sit at the whites section. There has been boycotts leading after. The Greensboro sit-ins was where four students sat on a white-only counter. The sit-ins has inspired sit-ins across the nation to bring national change. An activist, Luther King Jr. has advocated equal rights through peaceful protest. King has led The March on Washington in 1963 was where “I Have a Dream” speech was made. This speech has inspired many African Americans and has gathered the media attention. Marches throughout the country has ignited government upheaval and urged the nation to recognize the rights of blacks. Through the protests, African Americans had obtained their long sought rights. The act of civil disobedience is a valuable human trait for social advancement. The fight for independence and civil right has manifested the amount of social improvement. Without disobedience, an environment of a society would

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