Civil Disobedience Essay

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If slaves never disobeyed the former laws defending slavery, there would still be slavery in America. As a human being, one disobeys purposely to make an impact on certain issues or events that society disagrees on and that is how progress is made. Disobedience is indeed a valuable trait that promotes social progress. In order to change or make an impact there has to be some form of disobedience. Early America consisted of rebellion when the triangular trade brought thousands of enslaved Africans into the U.S. not thinking of the thousands of lives they were destroying. If anything, the slaves and children of slaves were being induced such a degrading mentality that could have lasted up till today, but humans tend to disobeying when we…show more content…
As in the case for Rosa Parks who refused to give up her seat in a bus to a white person. She rebelled against the law because during that time people had to give up their seats to whites. Rosa Parks rebellion got her arrested but caused controversy in which made social progress. Her act of valor was critical to ending segregation. Disobedience can be such a dishonorable trait, in such means as to disobeying one’s parents or even disobeying the law. In such cases were a person will disobey the law because they decided to steal items or hinder another person, disobedience will be looked upon as a dishonorable trait. Even the simplest act of disobedience like disobeying one’s parents can be disappointing. Although disobeying can be viewed as a dishonorable trait, behaving in such way for the sake to make impact on events that will not obstruct one’s values is to be considered as a powerful movement towards social progress. In conclusion, whether brave souls disobey for freedom or equality, the trait regarded as being an immoral trait can be the most impactful in society. As Oscar Wilde observed, “It is through disobedience that progress has been made, through disobedience and
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