Disparity Between Rich And Poor In Hong Kong Essay

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The disparity of rich and poor is the growing cause of concern in Hong Kong. According to Hong Kong government of census and statistics department, the Gini coefficient has hit 40 years high. It represents inequality of income level. Compare to 2006, the Gini coefficient is 0.537,it had increased 0.004 unit. Hong Kong income disparity is by far an acute problem. It is even higher than USA and Singapore, and it is the highest Gini coefficient is Asia. The increasing disparity between rich and poor is attributed to a few causes.
First, the primary case of increasing poverty gap in Hong Kong is not unemployment, but low wages. Hong Kong is one if the lowest unemployment rates in develop regions. It shows the major of people who living in poverty are actually employed. The low wages has bring the issues ‘working poor’ to the society. The working poor means working people’s incomes fall below a given poverty line. They are not only hard to maintain enough basic spending every day, but also difficult for many of them to save up money. Moreover, the salary between rich and poor level are totally extreme. A survey by Oxfam Hong Kong found that there are over 360400 working people,
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The government had already to hold poverty on high regard and place poverty alleviations as one of the priority policy areas to Hong Kong. Government had set up the department of commission on poverty(COP) and published an outpouring of policies and ways to tackle this perennial problem. For example, the government launched the Wage Protection Movement (WPM).Under WPM, participating corporations are encouraged to offer cleaning workers and security guards wages not lower than the relevant averages. When it comes to reality, in 1060 organizations which were participating in wage protection, only 52% of cleansing works benefited from the scheme. It shows the scheme cannot really help the workers with low income to have enough

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