Essay On Disparity In Education

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Disparities in the American Education System Introduction Male discrimination in the education sector has adverse effects which may inevitably affect the country’s economy. As reflected in results findings, the black males are given an unfair chance when it comes to school admission, grading and eventually getting jobs. Such discrimination is also reflected in the grading system. Slavin and Madden (2006) point out that that the number of black male graduates is lower than that of the white males. Also, the incarceration rates is high among the black males which could be attributed to psychological factors, insecurity, lack of jobs and even mistrust from the larger community. There is, therefore, a need to for recommendation to ending the disparities in the American education system. The research paper will also analyze the need for further research and the challenges that may arise in the application of the recommendations. Recommendations The education policy makers through the government should implement policies that ensure that there are equal chances for the black and white students in the learning institutions. The school management should also assess factors that hinder the performance of the black male students. As…show more content…
Proposing and passing a bill in regards to ending discrimination would be lengthy meaning that there would not be an immediate solution to the problem. There has also been some resistance before with the white people illustrating the need to have segregation in the schools (Weatherspoon, 2006). From the early 19th century, the black people were separated from the whites and they each attended different schools. It has taken a long time to integrate the two in one system and there is a likely hood that it may also take longer to impose a bill that fosters equality in the education
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