Disparity In Health

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This webinar is a presentation on the race associated differences in health, how they come to be, and some flaws inherent in the available initiatives to address these issues. First to speak was Kumanyika (2015) who utilized health outcomes parameters such as excess deaths, Life Expectancy at birth, Low birth weight, Infant mortality and Years of potential life lost before 75years, in order to illustrate the overall improvement in the health outcomes of the general populace between 1985 till 20012. However quite glaring in these data is the persistent racial disparity in health existing with the minorities having health outcomes that are worse than the white population. Shamika attributed this trends to the inadequacy in the initiates that…show more content…
Jones describes the compents and of the initiatieves that were available inorder to address the health issues of the nation and why it is difficult to achieve the nations public health goals. Initiatives discussed included tertiary interventions (Example ….), secondary interventions () primary interventions () and intiatives to address the social determinants of health. Jones ascribes the failure in bridging the disparities in health to the absence of a third dimention of health care. This she identifies to be th addressing the social determinants of equity-which is where the issue of racism comes in. Jones goes on to define racism as the………… Racism was then ategorized into 3 levels … based on these three forms of racism, jones aptly decribes how they occur in the society, and how the affect the social determinants of health and the resulting health…show more content…
It gave allowed me appreciate the 3-dimentional cliff representing the reality of what happens in healthcare and with public health initiatives to address health issues and the flaws embedded within its structure. I believe these flaws to have contributed to the gap in the health outcomes of the minority and the white populations, which has persisted for decades. Having understood jones explanation of the three dimensions of health interventions, in my opinion, I believe incorporating all three dimensions in a health promotion intervention will provide a synergy for maximal impact-just as can be seen in the application of the socioecological
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