Disparity In The Criminal Justice System Essay

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Introduction Two males, two rape crimes, yet two completely different types of punishment. Case One: Brock Turner is a 20 years old Caucasian male who was charged with rape of a female who was under the influence of alcohol in California. Case Two: Brian Banks, a black man, was also charged with rape who live in California. He was on the football team and had a full ride scholarship to college when he was charged the time of the crime. These two male have committed the same crimes, at two different time frame, yet one case gets a significantly longer sentence than the other. Base on the statistics from the Bureau of Justice, one in six black men have been incarcerated back in 2001. In California, there are several penal codes that defines what…show more content…
For example, African American make up more of the population of the jail system when it only account for a small portion of the population in the entire nation of America. The causes of such disparity may be included in different levels of criminal activity, law enforcement emphasis on particular communities, legislative policies, or decision making by criminal justice practitioners who exercise broad discretion in the justice process at one or more stages in the system (Schrantz, 2008). In this case one: Turner The court system is made to have a fair judgement between the accuser and victim. The district attorney who are representing the victim and the state who get a case and they decision if they want to bring charge against the accuser. They make choice if they think if they can win or not depending on the evidence that is presenting to them by police officer. Police officer play a role in this also. Police officer is the main people who can get the charge on the person see if the charges going to stick. But the district attorney have to rule if they decide they want to move in the case. Then if they do decide they going to make a decision to bring charge the grand jury is the one who will make that decision. The judge supposed to remain neutral in the case. The judge is the person who will

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