Dispense Justice In Goodfellas

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Just like the scene from Goodfellas where a young Henry Hill gets pinched for the first time and everyone is waiting for him outside of the courtroom and Jimmy Conway says to him, “never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut.” After this first arrest, John quickly filled his rap sheet with charges such as burglary, disorderly conduct, and unlawful assembly when he was caught during a gambling raid, but that didn’t stop him.1 John continued to essentially do what he wanted due to never getting severe sentences each time he broke the law.
In 1962 John Gotti became familiar with how to value goods and the operations of a shipper warehouse when he began working for a trucking company as a truck driver helper. This exposed him to a whole world of theft and how to successfully steal without being caught. Until 1966 when he spent several months in jail after pleading guilty to attempted theft. This ultimately costed him his job at the trucking company.1
His association with the Fulton-Rockaway
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I ask that you not build up any prejudice towards my client as I want him to have a fair and just trial. I would also ask that you reject the defense theories of the case. The defense will try and build up Mr. Gotti as a man of unfortunate circumstances. They will try and convince you that he came from a poor family and had no choice but to resort to crime, in order to provide for himself and his growing family. Those facts are irrelevant to the fact that my client is dead and has a wife with no husband and children with no father.
My witnesses are credible individuals. Ms. Campbell was a worker at Snoopy’s where my client was killed. She was fearful for her life. Mr. Jeffery McCormick was the first on the scene and saw my client first hand lying on the floor of the restaurant dead. Mr. Michael Galico is a well trusted individual on the forensics team, who has worked many homicide
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