Disproving Assumptions Made About Me Thesis

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Before the group discussion, I believed that the following statement: “Fortunately, I happen to be rebellious in nature and enjoy the challenge of disproving assumptions made about me” (Tan, 5), is significant because it shows a problem with our society. Which, according to Amy Tan pushes Asian students into math and science fields (Tan, 5). This statement also makes the reader consider the potential outcome of a less rebellious Amy Tan, which could have resulted in her abandoning what she loves and continuing into a math or science field. Furthermore, the statement forces the reader to ask questions such as the following: if she was less rebellious where would she be now or what would I be reading if she hadn 't gone on to write this essay.…show more content…
It was also brought up that the statement is significant because it represents the turning point in her life because it is when she decides to become a writer (Group discussion, Oct 3). Then it was discussed that instead of just accepting that she is at a disadvantage because her mother speaks in ‘broken’ English she uses her it to her advantage (Group discussion, Oct 3). She learns to use all of her Englishes, which in the end help her shape the book she references at the end of her essay (Tan, 6). Another individual brought forward a few ideas including the idea that we shouldn 't let others perceive our strengths and weaknesses, the idea that it is good to push through stereotypes and not let them define you, the idea that no one perfectly fits a stereotype, and the idea that she proved those who believed that she was limited and could not be a writer wrong (Group discussion, Oct 3). Following the group discussion, I still agree with my original response, however, I also agree with the opinions of my group members because I had no sufficient evidence to prove them wrong and they had evidence to support their
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