Disrespect In Judith Ortiz Cofer's Abuela Invents The Zero

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The overall theme of Abuela Invents the Zero by Judith Ortiz Cofer is to always treat others with respect. If you don’t show respect towards others, you won’t have respect for yourself. In the story, Connie is very disrespectful towards her grandmother. In the text it states, “I try to walk far behind them in public so that no one will think we’re together,” (Cofer 4). This quote shows how Connie is embarrassed to be seen with her grandmother, and has little respect for her grandmother’s feelings. She didn’t realize she was being rude to her grandmother, but it hurt Abuela and made her feel very disgraced. Another example that proves Connie’s disrespect is when Abuela tells her granddaughter, “You made me feel like a zero, like a nothing,”
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