Disruption In Lee County Essay

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The tourists who visit Lee County are awfully repugnant and it seems that as a whole the tourists have something akin to a complete loss of decency and common sense. The tourists display poor driving skills coupled with a high propensity for the destruction of public property and consistently high blood alcohol levels. These are a few examples of the offensive behaviors that the tourists burden the locals of Lee County with. This is no small demographic either there are a large number of tourists that they seemingly outnumber the local residents. Without doubt, the local residents endure the most intolerable behavior from the tourists at the height of tourist season. First, the tourists do not know the way around which unavoidably causes…show more content…
The sheer volume of visitors during tourist season is shocking and this mass of people seem to share a mind like sand pipers, flocking to one place all at once. Beaches, clubs, and even local parks teem with people seeking to escape from the snows of the northern winter. When visiting the beaches, disregarding every posted sign which asks that they please keep the beaches clean and refrain from leaving any litter on the beaches as this interferes local wildlife. Littering is an unintentional mess left behind by a group of vacationers and often times families. The real problem really lies in the lack of respect the younger, more mischievous vacationers have for the area. They quite commonly take to vandalizing walls, streets and even some monuments leaving a stigma on whatever the target of this vandalism may be. It is sad that such things occur so needlessly and that those responsible will not be present long enough to take responsibility. This leaves the mess for the locals to give up time, money, and effort to restore the damage they leave in their wake each

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