Disruption Laid Bare In Trump's Nevada Victory By Michael Finnegan

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The general argument made by author Michael Finnegan in his work “Republican Party 's Disruption Laid Bare in Trump 's Nevada Victory”, is that people are using their power to spread their opinions and are putting others in danger because of it. More specifically, the author argues that politicians are manipulating people and abusing their power to gain power. The author writes, “With a dash more bravado than usual, he reminded his national audience ... of his signature pledge to bill Mexico for an $8-billion border wall.“They’ll pay for the wall, they’ll be very happy about it, believe me,” Trump said. “I’ll talk to them. They’ll be very, very thrilled.””. In this passage, the author is suggesting that politician Donald Trump believes he will win the nominations and, eventually, the election to become president. Although he seems to have gained several victories,…show more content…
. In my view, the author is correct since people have been known to abuse their power, especially when they are in a position of power like a presidential candidate. More specifically, I believe that people convince others into following them and try to force their beliefs onto others, regardless of those who don’t share the same opinion. This can be seen in the lines “He used his vow to torture terrorism suspects as an applause line at a Las Vegas rally Monday night … And when a protester was ejected from the rally, Trump said, “I’d like to punch him in the face.””. This quote shows how some people don’t care about other people or their opinions if it gets in the way of their goals. They insult and threaten people to try to scare others into listening to them and to prevent them from opposing their beliefs. Although some might object that these ideas and plans should be supported, I maintain that it is a threat to people if it continues to get out of hand. Therefore, I conclude that politicians need to have their power limited, as well as language, to prevent them from becoming a negative
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