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Dissertation: Green Marketing Introduction: As society becomes more concerned with the natural environment, businesses have begun to modify their behaviour in an attempt to address society’s new concerns. Some businesses have started integrating environmental issues into all their business activities. One area where environmental issues have received a great deal of discussion is “ Green Marketing”. It affects all areas of our economy, including creation of new job oppurtunities and new markets as well. Green marketing is the need of the hour as we need to preserve natural resources for the future generation while making the most out of them in present times. Objective: The objective of this analysis is to critically evaluate the concept…show more content…
These changes are increasingly being influenced by a firms’ policies and practices that affect the quality of environment and reflect its level of concern for the community.” The ultimate aim of green marketing is environmental protection for present and future generations. Need for Green Marketing Bringing in new customers while retaining the old ones while keeping the safety of environment in mind is a major challenge faced by the companies these days. Customers today are more interested in product that are green and environment friendly. Companies today are posed with new challenges to address issues related to health, climate change, new legalizations, pollution, waste disposal, resource utilization efficiency, neighbourhood amenity etc. To tackle these issues , Green Marketing is a must, else it would be impossible for companies to survive in this competitive world. In India approximately 25% of the consumers prefer environment friendly products. Also various laws implemented by the Governement like ban on usage of polythene bags has forced companies to go the green way. Also the companies have started realizing that higher profits can be obtained by going the green way. The 4 Ps of Green…show more content…
• This value addition may be improved function, design, visual appearance or taste. • Environment friendly products cost less in the long run when life cycle costs are considered. Place: • Marketers need to position the green products broadly so that they are widely available to a larger consumer base, rather than a niche market. • The location must be consistent with the company’s image, and must differentiate it from its competitors. Using in store promotions, visually appealing displays, and recycled materials, differentiation can easily be achieved. Promotion: • Companies that do green advertisements tend to portray an image of environment friendliness, and they influence the customer decisions. • Sustainable marketing tools and practices like electronic bank statements, e-marketing is rapidly replacing the traditional methods. • Retailers are recognizing the values of alliances with other companies, environmental groups and research organizations to showcase their commitment towards the environment. For eg: to reduce the usage of plastic bags, some retailers sell shopping bags under the banner of Go Green Environment

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