Dissociated Disorders Analysis

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TAccording to the Mayo Clinic indicators of dissociated disorders could varies and depends on the type of disorders. Some of the symptoms that could identify the disorder are partial amnesia, lack of emotions, disconnection with reality, issues in maintaining relationships, unable to deal with life stressors or emotions, and sense of out of body. Also, according to the Mayo Clinic there are three main dissociative disorders recognized by the American Psychiatric Association. These disorders are classified as dissociative amnesia, depersonalization/deserialization, and dissociative identity disorder. The American Psychiatric Association describe dissociative amnesia disorder as one of the most important and the symptom of this type of disorder,…show more content…
For individuals with the disorder is a form shield them self from the environment around them as well to cover their past traumatic experiences. These individuals use these behavior as a defense mechanics to disconnect their self from their past experiences and reality. An individual diagnose with identity disorder could develop or create different personalities or identities in order to shield their original personality. This personalities/alter ego often are created with different names, sex orientation, characteristics, and behaviors by n the individual diagnose with the disorders. In some cases two out of these personalities are often in charge of the individual’s behavior, mind, and body causing short and long period of memory loss. The American Psychiatric Association also relates to dissociative disorder to anxiety, suicidal, and depression. The most at risk individuals from developing any form of dissociative disorder are individuals that had suffered trauma in their life specially child abuse or any other type of child trauma. In the movie “Split” Kevin Wendell Crumbs displayed the extreme behavior for a person diagnosed with multiple…show more content…
These symptoms does not display if the individual has been diagnosed with another mental disorder. A diagnosed of dissociation identity disorder according to the American Psychiatric Association DSM-5 an individual with identity disorder present the same symptoms of an individual with dissociation amnesia with addition of displaying behaviors or characteristic of more than two personalities. Within the identity disorders characters each personality has their own characteristic and identity. These symptoms are not considered as part of culture or religious beliefs and are cause by substance or alcohol. There ten different types of identity disorder which are categorized in three groups or cluster according to ________________________. In cluster A of the identity disorders some of the disorders found or listed are paranoid PD, schizoid PD, and schizotypal PD. In cluster B the personalities listed are the antisocial PD, borderline PD, histrionic PD, and the narcissistic PD, and last but not least in cluster C the personalities listed are avoidant PD, dependent PD, and obsessive compulsive PD. According to National Alliance on Mental Illness, the main goal is to nurture individuals into recall their difficult and traumatic experiences while developing skills to cope with painful

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