Dissociation: A Short Story

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Today I freaked out in a store where danger was non-existent.
Maybe if I stay up all night doing coke there won 't be any nightmares.
But I can 't go without sleep.

The war is over for me.
I don 't understand why I panic or break out into sweats or fits of anger.

Today I saw most of my family for the first time in a year.
Nothing felt real; everyone was but a stranger passing by me on a street.
"Dissociation" is the term, I believe.

I feel like my mind has shattered and that I left my soul in Iraq.
I don 't want to admit that I 'm hurting inside.

When my emotions were shut off,
I didn 't get to choose which ones I would keep.
I feel utterly lost.

I used to be strong and proud.
Now all I can think about is what I saw, what I
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