Dissociative Disorder Case Study

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Dissociative identity disorder is a kind of solution for those who are going through stressful event. A dissociative disorder impairs the normal state of awareness and limits or alters one’s sense of identity, memory or consciousness. Most severe form of dissociation occurs because of painful and stressful events. The stressful event in the past might have happened in a development age or at a sensitive age which traumatized the patience. People with dissociative disorders chronically escape their reality in involuntary, unhealthy ways ranging from suppressing memories to assuming alternate identities. The parents also somehow become a reason for a child to suffer from traumatic events. The parents can help the child overcome the trauma…show more content…
The change of the host to alter is known as switch. The switch can includes physical harshness which harms the patient. The alternatives have different body postures and voice with distinct characteristics that id dissimilar from the host. This dissimilarity shows that the host wants to dissociate from its own state of mind to other in order to avoid the pain caused by the memories. One of the major reason to dissociate is also to lead a normal life but it contradicts the emotional pain and physical pain caused due to the switch of host personality to alternative…show more content…
This case of Mary Reynolds, had reports of her being normal till the age of 18 but then later she began to have intermittent “fits”. She lost her sight and hearing abilities for the next 5 to 6 weeks after these attacks. After 3 months, she awoke after a sleep of one whole day and she seemed to have forgotten everything in the past. After few weeks of experiencing this new personality she slept again and awoke as her previous self with no memory of the recent lapse and the experience she had in her other personality. Till the time she turned 36, the two personalities kept on switching irregularly until she acclaimed a new state which remained as her identity till her death. This exemplifies the mechanism of DID and its impact on a person’s body, mentally and physiologically. This personality disorder has the capability of altering a person’s identity in whole including the change in the memory of past experiences and the behaviour of the

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