Dissociative Fugue Research Paper

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Dissociative Fugue." Cleveland Clinic. The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, n.d. Web. 21 Sept. 2015 Psychogenic Fugue or dissociative fugue is a “group of conditions called dissociative disorders” (“Dissociative Fugue”). People diagnosed with this disorder lose their sense of personal identity and may wander or travel away from their homes or work. They often become confused about who they are and might create new identities about themselves. Dissociative Disorders is a type of mental illness that involves disruptions or breakdowns of a person’s memory, conscious awareness, identity and perception (“Dissociative Fugue”). When fugue starts to occur, it’s difficult to recognize symptoms because the patient’s outward behavior becomes normal and…show more content…
If symptoms are present, a doctor will perform tests to see if other diseases such as medication side effects that could cause these symptoms. Some tests might include a medical history, physical examination, X-rays and blood tests. If the doctor can’t find any symptoms, the patient might be referred to a psychologist or psychiatrist. They will use interview and assessment tools to evaluate a patient for a dissociative disorder. Dissociative disorder is treated by helping the patient come to terms with how stress or trauma that may have triggered the fugue. There are numerous types of therapy to treat with the disorder, it just depends on how severe the patient’s symptoms are. Some types of therapy that might be needed for a patient may include: psychotherapy, cognitive therapy, and clinical hypnosis. The prognosis for people with dissociative fugue is that it usually doesn’t last very long, maybe a few days or a few months. It just depends on how much treatment is needed. If someone does not receive treatment, additional fugue episodes may occur and their symptoms may become more severe. To reduce the risk of developing dissociative disorder, it’s better to start treatment as soon as people begin developing these symptoms or have had an episode to get
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