Dissociative Identity Disorder Essay

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Dissociative Identity Disorder Since the dawn of time the mind has both fascinated and baffled people. Many theories about the mechanics of the mind have come out of this fascination. The mind, in essence, is who we are. The mind stores memories, enables perception, controls judgement, and is “the seat of human consciousness” (Henriques). The mind has been incorporated into many facets of study including religion, philosophy, and psychology, but what happens when the mind goes askew? According to the Mental Health Association there are about 60 million Americans suffering from one of the more than 200 classified forms of mental illness, however, few disorders invoked as much dispute as Dissociative Identity Disorder. Though most people do…show more content…
Dissociative Identity Disorder is usually diagnosed as another disease because patients usually receive help for memory loss, lack of sense identity, depersonalization, depression, mood swings, difficulty concentrating, alcohol or drug abuse, temper outbursts, psychotic, headaches, unexplained pains which are classic symptoms for a number of other diseases. Though there are many symptoms displayed by individuals with Dissociative Identity Disorder the most common symptoms are amnesia and displays of multiple personalities. In cases of amnesia, patients may black out for extended periods of time and awake with no recollection of what they did during that time period. Symptoms often appear at random and can last for long or short intervals. The staple symptom of Dissociative Identity Disorder; however, is displaying multiple separate identities. Patients will display two or more different personalities that differ from their own. The identities, also known as alters, have different physical characteristics, name, and gestures. The different identities arise during different circumstances and situations. The identities may also retain certain memories that the patient does not remember, so they are better equipped with dealing with certain issues the patient may not be handle. The number of different alters showcased by a patient can vary from patient to patient, ranging from two alters to over a

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