Dissociative Identity Disorders In Frankie And Alice

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Imagine waking up in a new house, town, city, even state and not knowing how you got there. Can you imagine having a losing a memory of your day? You are losing time because someone else in your internal system is taking over. This is the mind set of dissociative identity disorder. In the movie, Frankie & Alice (Sax, 2010), you can have a better understanding of how it is to live with this mental disorder. This is a dissociative reaction to stress in which a patient develops two or more personalities. Each personality has a distinct, well developed, emotional thought process and represents a unique and relatively stable personality. The personalities are usually different and have different attitudes. One can be happy, carefree and fun. While…show more content…
For patients it shows that therapy will help you and you need it to help you have a happy and safe life. For health care staff it shows the imporatance of a theurpetic relationship with your patients. In the film she did not want any other doctor she built trust in her doctor because they built that rapport. It helped her to realize she needed the help to get better. For families and communites it shows how important it is to realize there is a problem and help your family or friend get the help they need. They don’t need to ignore the signs and syptoms that they see and help that person get the treatment they need. Something I would do to raise an attitude of understanding is having plenty of information available to the community or to the family. Have meetings with the family and fully expain the disorder and make sure they understand. I want them to try to put themselves in that mind set so they can understand what it is…show more content…
Goal is she will describe and initiate effective coping strategies using available resources and support systems by time of discharge. First intervention, observe for causes of ineffective coping such as grief, lack of support or poor self concept. The rationale is that situational factors must be identified to gain an understanding of her current situation and to aid with coping effectively. Second intervention is to identify specific stressors. The rationale is that accurate appraisal can facilitate development of appropriate coping strategies. Third intervention is to evaluate resources and support systems available to her. The rationale is that she may have support in a single setting, such as during hospitalization yet lack sufficient support in the home setting. Evaluation is that goal is met and she is able to describe effective coping skills and is using her support systems by time of

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