Distinctively Visual Analysis Essay

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The clouds in a distance is murky with patches of dark gray over lighter gray clouds. Skyscrapers at least fifty floors above the ground. Different sizes, shapes, and colors of brick. Conveniently, in the center of the photograph is vivid images. Debris in thousands of pounds laying everywhere. Heavy machinery with big claw grips working to clean up the mess. Fire fighters stand street side as if deciding the next move. Broken elevator on the ground with no building around it. Dust is being raised as machines gather debris.

The two visual elements are the value, and the time and motion. The value is this painting is because the shift from a small amount of lighting in the foreground to the dark shadowy streets behind the waste. There are a lot of gray in the debris and darkness further back in the photograph. Time and motion is an element in this piece of artwork because you can visually picture a scene of tragedy. You can almost feel the sadness in the picture. Windows are busted on a side
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With the light to dark colors showing a building whom has collapsed and the closer the smoke the lighter, but the further into the debris the smoke is thick patches and extremely darker. The scale in this painting is astounding. The men in the street on left front side of the picture are very much smaller than the thousands of feet taller buildings that are so far away already but seem so much bigger. This picture shows a great deal of balance as well. The reason for balance is not because the picture is symmetrical. The reason the picture has balance is because the whole picture shows sadness and a tragedy had struck. Not one place in this picture is there a sense of happiness. If there was a group of kids playing anywhere in this picture it would not have balance because the happiness in one side of the picture would not equal up to the sadness in the other side of the
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