Distracted Driving Advertisement Analysis

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Reflecting on the advertisement by the U.S. Department of Transportation, there is much to aware of as a society, as the organization presentes distracted driving as a serious issue. The alarming advertisement, sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration quotes a guilty driver, “I was looking out for other cars. I didn’t see the mother and child in the crosswalk” ( Pedestrian PSA ). Underneath the quote is a picture of a turned over, bent, and empty stroller on the crosswalk. By using this specific picture and comment from the responsible driver, the advertisement successfully achieves the reader’s reaction, of heartache and despair. This advertisement is effective because distracted driving has become such a norm, it is easily forgotten that it only takes a couple of seconds to cause death or injury in another individuals life... or even your own.…show more content…
Would you be able to rest assured and content if you had looked down at your phone for one second, and in the next come to find you have stopped someone’s life? More importantly, are you an active participant in today’s leading distraction, of social media? Yes, there are times when people are unaware for the sake of not looking, but more often than not distracted driving comes from looking down at you phone. Recent research from AT&T shows 4 in 10 smartphone users engage in social media while driving. All it takes is clicking “skip” on that song that’s bothering you, reading a text message, or if you’re a millenial, opening a snapchat from a friend. The use of social media has sparked many different positive and negative impacts in recent studies, which leads to the analytical question, how does social media impact human

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