Distracted Driving Argument Analysis

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In the United States, distracted driving is an issue. It doesn’t always have to be texting like many people think. Accidents can happen in a matter of seconds while one is looking on their mobile device. I chose to analyze this argument because it is something I am very concerned with. In January of this year, my uncle was killed in a car accident. The other driver was lost so he was looking at the maps on his phone. The few seconds he was on his phone distracted him enough so that he went into my uncle’s lane. I want to find out what solutions could be implemented which would minimize accidents like these. Since there are so many possible solutions, people can’t agree on what the best solution to the problem is. I am analyzing Sarah Doody’s argument to see if it is a solution I think would help the distracted driving problem the most.…show more content…
The first problem I see with Sarah Doody’s argument is that she doesn’t build her credibility.…show more content…
The article seems to stress that people are incapable of changing their habits on their own, but instead need to rely on someone or something else to make their decisions. As a reader, this lack of faith doesn’t convince me emotionally to side with Doody. Where does choice and responsibility come in? There must be a different solution that keeps responsibility and self-discipline in check. If Sarah wanted to wants to further convince me to take her side of things, she needs to pull on my emotional strings
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