Distracted Driving Research Paper

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Cell phones, car stereos, passengers, GPS devices, and eating are the top five causes of distracted driving. “According to a 2009 report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, one of every five car crashes causing an injury involved some element of distracted driving, and 16% of all fatal automobile accidents involve distracted driving”1. Autonomous vehicles will provide a safer and more reliable method of transportation for future generations. By developing the autonomous vehicle technology, we will eliminate many of the risks involved in driving a car. Through a decrease in car crashes and fatalities, the future of the automobile will liberate drivers from focusing on the road, keeping their hands on the wheel, and can efficiently…show more content…
This has helped me better understand complex systems integration and it has allowed me to apply my technical knowledge to generate effective solutions to real problems. Just like a car, the F/A-18 aircraft is a complex integrated system that allows pilots to use the capabilities to safely and efficiently deliver a mission. During my internship I worked with the flight test director to configure aircrafts prior to testing specific software components and weapons systems. I now see the tremendous value of transforming aircrafts like the F/A-18 and F-35 into autonomous vehicles because it will eliminate the risk of someone actually getting hurt. Safety is always my top priority, and I believe my technical knowledge, experience, and leadership can be utilized for this competition. I enjoy devising creative solutions to problems because it requires confidence, adaptability, and innovative decision making necessary to become a leader. Ultimately, I want to create a culture of safety that not only inspires my coworkers to work safely but engages them to ensure the people around them are also working

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