Distracted Driving Research Paper

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I picked up the remote laying on the kitchen counter and pointed it towards the television. As the screen turned on, a reporter appeared, and in the background, the freeway looked like a parking lot! Abruptly, a bold red banner appeared on the screen; “Crash on Freeway, Caused by Cell Phone, Possibly Fatal.” As the reporter interviewed a policeman, he regretfully informed that two other people were critically injured. This tragic scenario spelled out traffic nightmare and I began to ponder about the prominent topic of distracted driving. I thought the state created laws to curb distracted driving cases, but it seems like it continues to increase. Therefore, something needs to be done about distracted driving, and by putting away distractions, the safety of drivers will increase, prospective drivers will feel safe on the road, and families will be able to reunite again.…show more content…
When cell phones are used, it peels our eyes away from the road, it takes our mind off of driving safely, and it draws our hands off of the steering wheel. Oftentimes, just taking a glimpse at your phone, can lead to inevitable consequences. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than nine people die and over a thousand people are injured in distracted driving cases, every day in America (CDC, Distracted Driving). This disturbing data clearly exhibits the devastating consequences of distracted driving, and those numbers are expected to grow, as it has done consistently since 2011. Thus, this furthers the need to take action towards ending distracted

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