Distracted Manual Driving

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By taking a hands off of the wheel, it can put others in danger. Some people think that driving without hands on the wheel is cool. But it is extremely dangerous to others. By the shape of the road, by how strong the wind is, if the car's tires aren’t balanced, or the car is not aligned correctly. It can pull the car to the side or the middle of the road. Not only is taking a hand off bad, but having something else in their hand to make the situation worse. Like a sandwich or a phone, that is one less hand a person can use to help guide the car. By taking an eye off of the road for more than 5 seconds going 55 mph, that is the length of a football field. That puts others in danger for 5 seconds, and those 5 seconds could be catastrophic. Distracted Manual driving is one of the leading causes in automobile accidents. Manual driving infects everyone. Taking a bite of a sandwich, changing the radio station, to talking to others in the car, to grabbing a phone from a bag in the back seat. Those are all examples of distracted manual driving. The best way to avoid an accident from these distractions is by keeping those things away from you as you are driving. Or take care of them before …show more content…

That is one of the worst kind of distractions while driving. Having a phone out at all while driving is illegal, even if you are at a complete stop at a stop sign or light. Either pull over to the side, or wait to text someone back. The text message is not as important as a person's life. Travis Burhart states, “A mere five letters can change a person’s life forever.” It is one of the most dangerous things for teens and young adults today. They are easily distracted by anything in their hands. A way to stop this is by having teachers and driver instructors show them the consequences of what could happen, or set rules for the drivers. We try to do what's best for everyone. People can always find a distraction if you're looking for one. (Tom

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