District Eleven: Summary

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These three chapters are almost all about how Katniss and Rue grow together and how Katniss’s view begins to change. . As Rue and Katniss hunt they begin to learn more about each other, she tells Katniss all about what it is like living in District Eleven. Rue has now begun to trust Katniss wholeheartedly, “I know this because as soon as the anthem finishes she snuggles up against me and falls asleep”(208). While Rue sleeps beside Katniss, she considers how to destroy the Careers’ supplies and thinks how their life of always having the food they need will work against them. A perfect example of how people just trust Katniss and are willing to lay their life down for her is shown directly through Rue, “ by the way she bounces up, you can tell…show more content…
Katniss now understands what Peeta meant when he said that he wanted to think of a way to show the Capital that they don’t own him, that he isn’t just somebody they can use. Katniss wants to do something that will show the Capitol that there is a part of her that they don’t own, “That Rue was more than a piece in their Games. And so am I”(237). Katniss goes out and picks flowers to decorate Rue’s dead body with, and then she puts her fingers to her lips and holds them out in a gesture of respect used in District Twelve. She knows that they will have to show it eventually. District Eleven sends a parachute with food in it to Katniss. This is seen as support and as a thank you from them, “this was a first. A district gift to a tribute who’s not your own”(239). Rue’s death brought an end to the brief sense of security Katniss had begun to feel, leading Katniss to a complete emotional upheaval. With Rue as a companion, Katniss didn’t feel so alone, so isolated. What little serenity she felt turns immediately to rage, leading her to disregard her own safety as she recklessly goes in search for the Career
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