District Six Comparison

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How are District Nine and District Six similar? How are they different? In this paper, I will compare the two. I will tell you the ways they are similar, such as the migrants uprooted and forced to move. This happened without a notice and was unfair. The destruction that occurred after all migrants were evicted. Their homes demolished or given less than what their property was worth. There wasn’t anyone who wanted them there. I will also tell you the difference. The biggest difference is that District Nine is a work of fiction and District Six is the truth. District Nine is worked off of what happened in District Six, but District Nine is about Aliens and how people were tired of them being on earth. While District Six is about the Minorities…show more content…
Such as the migrants being forcibly removed from their homes and being forced to live somewhere else with no notice. This was an unfair treatment with the aliens as well as in the same way with the minorities of Cape Town. They should have never been forced to move out of their homes no matter what. This was a direct violation of their Human Rights. Another similarity is how their homes were destroyed once they moved. Homes were destroyed in both districts once they were moved. In District Nine, they were given nothing but free housing in what looked to be like a concentration camps. While, in District Six, the migrants were given less than what their property was worth. In District Nine, people had enough of the aliens. They wanted them gone. In District Six, the whites wanted the migrants gone as well. They also wanted everyone separated. In nine the humans wanted the aliens out of their world. In six it was so much the same except the whites wanted the colored people out of their world. Even though nine was a work of fiction and six is something that really happened they both showed sadness and how humans can be ignorant to what really matters. In contrast, the biggest difference between the two is what I previously stated. One in which was District Nine was a work of fiction partly based on what really happened in District Six. In Nine, when they were evicting the aliens they would find weapons that could only be used by the aliens. Also, the aliens made a spray that was used to move their spaceship that was hidden underground. No only did it work to move their spaceship, but it also turned one of the MNU agents into an alien when it sprayed him in the
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