Disturbance Scenarios

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On 09/25/2015 at approximately 1837 hrs, I was dispatched to 712 W. 3rd St for report of a disturbance taking place. Upon arrival I observed a white Dodge truck waiting for me in front of the residence. I made contact and identified the driver as Jimmy Bustos Jr. (TX-DL # 18946692), Bustos stated, “Can I wait for you at the police department my wife is yelling, and screaming and I’m unable to talk to you while she’s acting like that”. Bustos went to the police department and waited on me. While in the front yard of the residence a Hispanic female was screaming hysterically about Bustos assaulting her. I identified the female as Adriana Alvarez (TX-ID # 10496407), Alvarez stated, “Bustos assaulted me by trying to drive away with me on the truck I am pregnant”. I attempted to calm Alvarez down by reassuring her that she is alright I had EMS dispatched to the residence to check out Alvarez.

Alvarez was cleared by EMS I spoke with Alvarez further after she calmed down and she stated, “My husband Bustos had our children in the truck, and was suppose to take them to a game. It was raining and I didn’t want them
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Based on Bustos’s story he was never able to step out of his truck. I departed the police department, and relocated to the residence to re speak with Alvarez. I asked her about him giving her money Alvarez denied multiple times about receiving the money. Alvarez finally remembered that he did give her money. I asked her about the cut on her hand, and she said it’s probably from me trying to get his keys out of the ignition. Alvarez stated, “I just can’t figure out what’s going on with him. He has never acted this way I know we are about to get a divorce. Maybe it’s from me having a miscarriage from a previous pregnancy I am 3 months pregnant right now”. Alvarez was able to calm down she was upset at the fact that I did not arrest

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