Disunity In Puritan Society

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Disunity in Puritan Society Division and disunity is something that has always existed since the early settlers when they reached America and even before they left Europe. Whether it was due to the fact of two totally different groups of people and cultures or over different beliefs, there has always been division hanging above the heads of the European settlers. The disunity and division of these people was mainly due to the fact that they felt like it had to be by the books of their beliefs and meeting in the middle wasn’t possible. This was a never ending trend with the Europeans no matter what new settlement they established, the time period, or their beliefs. It may have been a bad thing for them at the time of being in a new land…show more content…
They felt like society in England was corrupt and straying away from Christian belief so they sought for religious freedom and the idea that they could start a colony that would be whole and unified in God. By doing this, they ran into another form of division when they came across the Native Americans who were already habitants of the land. The Puritans looked at these people as if they were animals or savages and built a wall of division between the two different cultures of people. In John Smith’s, “A General History of Virginia, he said, “Each hour expecting the fury of the savages, when God, the patron of all good endeavors, in that desperate extremity so changed the hearts of the savages, that they brought such plenty of their fruits and provisions that no man wanted.” This just shows you of how they viewed the natives and since it wasn’t one of them, then they were bad people. Instead of trying to get along and work with the Indians, they fought them so that they could have land to establish their colony on. If they would of unified and became friends with the natives then things would have been easier for them and they might have been able to grow…show more content…
As time went by in the new colonies the excitement of being unified in the same Christian beliefs and the “new” wore off the new settlements. People started to get off the straight line of Christian beliefs that people like John Smith and John Winthrop had drawn for the settlers. There was a big gray area of what could be done and what couldn’t be done which caused problems. The judgment of the grey areas was to be left up to the leaders of the colonies which most of the time included the preacher. So anyone who didn’t follow this straight past was cited for wrong doing. This started to bring up the problem of division between the people and government depending on the views of the

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